Some impacts of cattle farming

This article features a presentation highlighting several adverse impacts of cattle farming.

The topics covered are: legalised cruelty; land clearing; greenhouse gases; water usage; Great Barrier Reef; and human health.

The video includes footage from various sources, including: the 2018 documentary, Dominion; Australian Institute of Marine Science; and the Wilderness Society.

More details are available in relevant articles, including in sections dealing with: animal rights; climate change and animal agriculture; Great Barrier Reef; and human health.

Author and Presenter

Paul Mahony


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Green field | alicja neumiler | ID: 561575545 | Shutterstock

Branding a calf | © anrodphoto | iStock

Bobby calf | and

Cows in slaughter truck |

Cow | | ID 159146585 | Shutterstock

Cow and calf, Dominion (2018) (used with permission)

Hen | yevgeniy11 | ID 154817177 | Shutterstock

Phototreat | Aerial view of Amazon deforestation in Brazil | iStock

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Nyul |Medical team in operating room |

sasint | Surgery | Pixabay | CC0 Creative Commons

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