Climate change: Be wary of meat industry claims

In the Australian state of Victoria, the Climate Change Act 2017 established a target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

The Act requires the government to establish five-yearly interim emissions reduction targets.

In mid-2019 the government sought input from the community to assist it in determining targets for 2025 and 2030.

My submission can be accessed via the image below.

The two areas considered by the submission are: firstly, the inadequacy of emission reduction targets established to date given the extent of the crisis we are facing; and secondly, concern over potential reliance by the government on claims regarding climate change by the livestock sector.

The submission highlights shortcomings in research supported by livestock sector organisations and the Australian government.

It also refers to the sector’s long history of land clearing and other forms of environmental degradation, along with limitations in potential climate change mitigation measures.

The submission also comments on questionable environmental information supplied by the sector to primary and secondary school students and asks why education departments and organisations permit material to be supplied in that way.

Finally, it outlines omissions from official greenhouse gas reporting, which cause the livestock sector’s contribution to be understated.


Paul Mahony


Steve Hiebert, Cattle grazing in the pasture at sunset in the country, Shutterstock, ID 1137434774

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