Challenging tyranny against animals

In July 2019, Australia’s federal parliament invited submissions in relation to  the Criminal Code Amendment (Agricultural Protection) Bill 2019. The bill introduces new offences for individuals who use the internet or other “carriage services” to incite another person to trespass, damage, destroy or steal property on agricultural land.

Earlier, in June 2019, the parliament of the state of Victoria announced a public inquiry into the impact of animal rights activism on the state’s agricultural sector. The Legislative Council’s Economy and Infrastructure Committee invited submissions from anyone who had information or views they wished to share.

My submissions can be accessed via the images below, including a supplement to the Victorian submission.


State of Victoria


Here’s a summary of my key points in each:

Honesty and justice

  • We teach children that honesty and justice are noble traits; however, such traits are sorely lacking in the treatment of farmed animals.
  • Industry advertising and PR largely determine the community’s perceptions of animal agriculture, enabling unjust practices to proliferate.

Legal cruelty

  • Many exemptions in favour of the animal agriculture sector apply to so-called “prevention of cruelty to animals” legislation throughout Australia, permitting cruelty to occur as standard practice.
  • In Victoria, the government has displayed double standards by banning puppy farms, which it has described as “cruel and barbaric factory farms”, while permitting cruel and barbaric practices in relation to other animals.

Uncovering the truth: The case of Oliver’s Piggery, Tasmania

  • Without animal activists entering Oliver’s Piggery in Tasmania, we may never have known of the horrific practices that had been occurring there.
  • The piggery had been a major supplier to the supermarket chain Woolworths, with the owner appearing in promotional brochures as one of its “fresh food people”.
  • It had recently passed an industry-based quality audit, with only a clerical error delaying formal approval.
  • The activists notified police after the RSPCA refused to assist.
  • Charges were laid and fines imposed against the piggery’s owners and operators.


  • The term “carnism” was coined by Harvard-educated psychologist and author Dr Melanie Joy, comprising “carn” for “flesh” and “ism” to denote a belief system.
  • It is an invisible belief system or ideology that conditions people to eat certain animals but not others.
  • If the community were willing to challenge this dominant belief system, it may begin to look objectively at the horrors we are imposing on animals used for food and other purposes.

Challenging laws to achieve social justice

  • History is full of activists who challenged the law of the day in pursuit of a just cause, and suffered through intimidation, arrest and incarceration.
  • They allegedly broke laws and challenged those in authority, only to eventually be widely regarded as heroes as the validity of their position became evident.
  • Today’s animal activists could one day be perceived the same way by the general community.


Humans have almost complete power over the other animals with whom we share the planet.

With power comes responsibility.

However, we largely ignore that responsibility, and abuse our power, by forcing tens of billions of animals globally and hundreds of millions in Australia each year to become units of production.

It is hoped that the material contained in the submissions provides each committee with some perspective that may otherwise have been lacking when considering their position on animal activism.


Paul Mahony


“A beautiful face, with someone inside – sold to the highest bidder”, © Bear Witness Australia, “Witness #5,

Animal Liberation via The Aussie Farms Repository, “Broiler (meat) chickens, approximately 7 weeks old

Other image credits are included in the submissions.


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